About Me


I first discovered Naturism when I was a teenager and started exploring by visiting my local forest park and reservoir at night (laws here don’t really allow for public nudity). Since moving into my own home, I rediscovered the joys of doing daily activities with no clothes on and recently visited my first naturist resort in Vera Playa in Spain.

I have also joined British Naturism for the first time as a way of getting to know other Naturists across the U.K and seeing the benefits of being a part of an official Naturist organisation.

I am often asked how naturism appealed to me and the answer is I enjoy the comfort factor. I am not worried about my body image and I dont see what is strange to have no clothes on. It’s just ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes when the weather and circumstances are appropriate. The activities are no different from what most people do in their leisure time, other than the dress code. You get to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds who enjoy being naked like I do.

The biggest challenge is how people may react to this information as it’s not everyday you meet a naturist in your life but the majority have been extremely supportive. It is also a challenge to demonstrate that public nudity is neither alarming or inappropriate and break any preconceptions people have about Naturism.

I also have a number of hobbies outside of Naturism which include listening to a variety of different music, travelling around the world, cars, computing, playing video games and enjoy watching football, TV and films. I do enjoy a beer or two now and again and when possible combining the two always helps!!!