Review – The Great British Skinny Dip Documentary


A few weeks ago, there was a documentary on Channel 4 about The Great British Skinny Dip. This was British Naturism’s way of trying to bring younger people (such as myself) into giving naturism a try. It featured various people from naturist and non naturist backgrounds and the efforts put in by British Naturism to promote various events across the UK.

I throughly enjoyed the documentary, it gave an insight into different naturist’s views about why they enjoy being naked, the problems and challenges facing naturism — especially for young people with body image and social media heavy featuring in todays society, and the success stories such as one lady who gave it a try and has enjoyed it, which was a huge positive.

I was very pleased with the documentary that it showed naturism in a positive light. That it’s done by different people from different backgrounds who just enjoy not wearing clothes.  It was a great effort to get people to give it a try (even on the most horrible days weather wise of the year) and hopefully next year, they will get a bigger turnout and the weather will be a lot better!!

Congratulations to British Naturism on the documentary and hope we some more documentaries soon.


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  1. renudepride says:

    Thank you for sharing this and with your reaction. Visibility does raise awareness. Naked hugs!

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