Joining British Naturism

On Thursday, I decided to take advantage of an offer for under 30’s and join the main organisation for Naturism in the U.K – British Naturism.

Their website is full of information about Naturism in the U.K such as beaches, swims and clubs. They also have information about public nudity and the Law and handy guides.

By joining, I’m given access to their forum discussions, invitations to BN events and BN holidays abroad. It’s also give me access to Young British Naturists which means I can chat to people around my age who are also interested in the Clothes Free Lifestyle I enjoy.

I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful welcome I have received from members across the U.K and have been engaging with lots of people about their experiences and advise. I’m very glad that the organisation is working hard to make Naturism more accepted, especially in my neck of the woods and have even been invited to a swim event in my local area over the next few weeks.

I would thoroughly recommend joining British Naturism and if you’re under 30, you can join for the first time at a cost of £10 as part of the YBN special offer.


Link to British Naturism – Follow them on Facebook and Twitter – @BritNaturism


Link to Young British Naturists – Follow them on Facebook and Twitter – @ybn_offical


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  1. Id be very interested of how you find both BN and YBN over the coming months. Having had very close links with YBN until as recently as 2014, it would be good to know how it fairs these days. Meanwhile, still knowing a lot of ex-members of YBN, it would be good to see both current and former members join up for a drink or three once the weather gets better next year. Cheers

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    1. D.J says:

      Thanks Simon. The YBN Forum doesn’t have many folks on it but the BN one has plenty and both have been very welcoming. Will see how next year pans out and who knows, maybe can take you up on that offer of a drink or 3!! 😂


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