The Wonderful Outdoors

As winter begins, this is the time when I start to look forward to the warmer weather in the summer months. I have already began planning my next Naturist vacation. A few places have sprung to mind, such as Cancun, Kissimmee, Vera Playa and Crete but all of this will depend on budget and time off work.

This time of year does allow for some very picturesque pictures to be taken (even in the cold weather) especially in the hill tops and mountains. You do have to get up pretty early in the morning, if you want to get that perfect picture of the crisp mountain frost.

I would love to get a photo in my birthday suit on the mountains first thing in the morning, many Naturists have got some fantastic photos of them naked in different locations and in different climates. There is one common theme to all the photos I have noticed – The people are so relaxed in their photos, they are enjoying the experience, the views they can see and all without a care in the world.

This is one of the great aspects of Naturism that I love, the care free lifestyle. You can enjoy the landscape, the views, just not clothed. An example would be the picture below: –


This gentlemen is just enjoying the wonderful scenery in the snow. Not a care in the world about whether he is naked or not, just enjoying the outdoors, the views, the snow, everything. This is truly a great example of living in the moment, just relaxed and able to enjoy what he can see.

I hope one day to pluck up the courage to get a photo like this. It will maybe take a 4:00am wake up call and an hour down the coast to get to the nearest mountain range. I have a local forest park and reservoir near by that I could use but again the law is not very clear so maybe on my next holiday in the mountain regions.

Thanks to Harmen J Pordon of Bare Thoughts for the use of his photo. check out his blog – or follow him on Twitter – @barethoughtsWP


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  1. Harmen says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Funny thing is that the picture was taken in Sweden in the afternoon and not very early. Great thing about nature in Sweden, is that it’s very open and big so lots of places where you can find untouched snow. I was in Sweden for work and their laws about nudity in nature are very easy and relaxer towards us. Don’t know about your laws, you’ll have to look that up because last thing we want is give naturism a bad name by doing things that aren’t allowed. Anyway, love your blog, you got a new follower

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    1. D.J says:

      Thanks Harmen for the follow and again for the use of the picture. So that picture was taken in Sweden and in the afternoon? Wow, it’s a wonderful setting in the snow. It’s good to know that their laws are a little more relaxed in Sweden (same for most of the Scandinavian countries?)The U.K law is a bit unclear, especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland so l tend to look abroad such as Vera Playa. I would recommend it as the weather was warm, has a superb beach and the locals were extremely friendly.

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      1. Harmen says:

        Don’t know the laws in Norway and Finland. I do know that nudity is allowed on all danish beaches tho. And yes the setting was great. I was like 50 meters away from a couple of deers. Very unique feeling to experience this kind of harmony in winter time. I love my job as trucker

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      2. D.J says:

        Wow, that is awesome 🙂

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      3. Harmen says:

        You gotta visit the Netherlands once. We could show you some nice places we like to come

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      4. D.J says:

        That would be nice, where are the major places/areas for Naturism in Holland?

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      5. Harmen says:

        How about everywhere? There are a lot of resorts and more then 100 beaches where nudity is accepted. And then there are all the spa resorts aswell

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      6. D.J says:

        Cool!! Can you send me some more info like resort names, areas, beaches etc. That would be great.

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      7. Harmen says:

        The most important one is Flevonatuur. I wrote several blogs about that resort.

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    1. D.J says:

      Thanks very much 😊

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  2. renudepride says:

    DJ, I realize that you posted this a few months ago but I just discovered your blog here. Here in the USA, many of us refer to being bare in the snow as “s’naked” (snow + naked = s’naked). I’d like to encourage you to try it at least once as it is an awesome experience. It’s the equivalent of skinny-dipping only in the snow and not the water. Naked hugs, man!

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    1. D.J says:

      Cheers, it would be awesome to do that one day, even though I am not a huge fan of the cold weather!! 😆

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      1. renudepride says:

        Nor am I, my nude friend, but I survived it and love it! Naked hugs!

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