Trip to Vera Playa, Almeria

After much planning and researching, I finally settled on the Vera Playa Club Hotel in Almeria, Spain for my first naturist holiday. I arrived around 10pm local time that night, checked in and went up to my room. The room was decent with a comfy bed, bath/shower but was a bit dated with an old TV and a key safe but would do the job.

The next morning, I went for breakfast which was a typical european continental style breakfast with plenty of cold meets, cheese and some pastries. After breakfast, I decided to sit on the balcony for a wee while just to watch all the activity at the pool and the surrounding area. The hotel policy was the only place you had to be naked was around the pool so anywhere else you could be naked or clothed if you wish.

After an hour (and putting on some suncream), I ventured down to the pool and removed everything and relaxed. One of the best things was everyone kept themselves to themselves, the folks were reading books, using their iPads/Kindles and sunbathing. It was so nice to finally enjoy being outside in my birthday suit for the first time in years. During the rest of the day I enjoyed swimming in the pool, sitting in the jacuzzi and enjoying a nice walk at the beach just in front of the hotel.

Over the course of the next few days, my confidence grew to the point that after breakfast I only required my towel rather than putting on clothes and then going down to the pool area. I would definitely recommend the Vera Playa Club Hotel as a good starting point for first timers as the weather was lovely and warm, the staff were excellent and the beach and hotel facilities are good. The breakfast and rooms were ok but it wouldn’t put me off returning again.



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