Welcome to A Clothes Free Blog!

This blog will be talking about my experiences with Naturism. Naturism is a way of life where daily activities indoor and where permitted outdoors are conducted without the need for clothes.

This could be something simple such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, watching television and playing video games but doing it naked. For some people, Naturism (or Nudism) can be about getting back in touch with nature and a more simple time such as exploring forests and beaches. For others, it is purely about going about daily life without the need to wear any clothes at all.

The great thing is you get to meet different people from all different walks of life such as doctors, teachers, computer programmers, chefs and athletes. The only difference is they spend their leisure time, hobbies and holidays naked.

For me personally, I enjoy going about normal daily business in my birthday suit. I enjoy the comfort factor where I am able to do day to day activities naked. I don’t mind being referred to or have no real preference over being called a Naturist or Nudist, they both mean the same to me regardless.

This blog will be a way to introduce people to Naturism, what it is like being a Naturist, the challenges of acceptance, the wrong perceptions and my adventures to different corners of the world where I can practise Naturism in a safe environment.

Happy Reading